Term Limits

The politicians have become career politicians. It is no longer the intended citizen politician that the founders intended it to be.

Can you even imagine that your entire lifetime career has been to be a politician. I find it so unacceptable, so gross. Some of them don’t even let go or retire when they are way beyond retirement age.

Worse yet they do not even let go when they have lost control of their faculty and are mentally confused. Some have held office for decades in a row ! there are so many in that category, you would be shocked when you pay attention. From both parties, not one !

It is scary when you see or listen to some of them. Not that some of the new ones are less scary ! Maybe even more scary. For sure the new scary ones will become lifetime career politicians too.

You ask why ?

that is because they would never ever be able to accomplish ANYTHING in the outside world or hold a real job !

Do not expect THEM to pass any laws for term limits. Not unless there is a revolution or an unprecedented outcry of the citizenry in masses from both parties.

Short of that, there is one other solution. From now on, ask, make sure that anyone who is running for any office whether on the federal level, State level or Municipal level pledges and commits to holding office for a certain period of time and not longer.

This should be part of their campaign promise and pledge to the people whose vote they solicit.

It should be an affidavit. Written !!

Now this is how the people can start taking the controls they were intended to have.

This should be good for liberals, democrats, conservatives , republicans, libertarians and or any other group of citizens.

The maximum term for any office other than President which should be kept at 8 years, should be 6 years. Period ! Maximum !!

Thank you for serving your country, we appreciate it very much, GOODBYE !

Go contribute in the private sector and serve the people in that manner now. No more political office. Create a company or a business and hire people or get a job.

The benefits are enormous. The least of which is their influence, their power, the corruption, their arrogance, the cronyism and nepotism will in most cases END.

At the present time and with the present system, the politicians have lost all accountability to the people. They are immune to the will of the people. Why should they not be ? They are almost automatically there.

It is more difficult to beat an incumbent.

The incumbent has massed the money, the party leaders and all sorts of  special interest groups and lobbyists strategists, even unions sometimes.

If we demand that anyone running for office be limited to term limits we will finally get rid of professional career politicians and the huge corrupt machinery that comes with it.

Fake news, MSM, the strategists, the pundits, the spinsters, special interest groups and the so called “experts” will all be disrupted in their efforts to spin the truth and fool the people because they will all be forced to find new masters to serve !  That, might not be so easy !

Vote, but make sure to vote only for those running for office who will pledge the term limits above or something very close !


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