The DEAD Strategy Part 1

For years, many decades, the left has defined the subject of elections.

It never fails to start with the abortion argument and the war on women, legal versus illegal immigration, gay rights or LGBT, Women’s rights and equal pay, racism , homophobia of the conservatives, and also Islamophobia now.They accuse conservatives of all the ‘isms” and phobias as possible. The even make some up.

Look at the smearing and defamation of every conservative President or Presidential candidate since Reagan as labeled by the left and the fake news liberal media, or main stream media, as some call.

Reagan was “a dumb actor and a trigger happy cowboy”.

Bush Senior faced an article called “Fighting the Wimp Factor” by Newsweek.

Bush Junior was just called “stupid, plain, dumb”.

Romney was called a “bullshitter” amongst many other things

Now comes Trump who is called every derogatory name you can think of.

To list the entire list of defamatory labels against conservatives would take too much time and space particularly the ones aimed at President Trump. With him we have reached a new all time high of  foul play and rudeness and defamation

This is what the left does best. It smears its political opponents and their followers.Obama called working class voters in old industrial towns decimated by job losses, clinging to their guns or religion, bitter, bible reading gun carrying, anti-immigrants. Hillary called them deplorables and irredeemables. Biden said  Republicans will put black people back in chains. Then, after all this, they all go and say “we’re better than this “”when they go low, we go high”

The left even condones Antifa which uses fascist and militant tactics to supposedly fight fascism.   They resort to the very same tactics of the Nazis and fascists in the name of fighting fascism. How ironic , absurd really! They vandalize, break and burn and destroy all in the name of anti fascism with masks or covers on their faces.Hypocrisy never so blatant.

This is what the left does best.

Smear and rule, divide and rule, cry racism and rule, create false crises and rule, cry war on women, war on LGBT, war on immigrants, unequal pay, gender gap, islamophobia, unequal justice and unequal wealth and wealth redistribution, police brutality on minorities, war on climate change.

Feigned, contrived anger and then pampering. Phony causes and crises and then divisiveness.There are always a myriad of causes they fight for, which they create in the first place to distract the people.

Smear, slander, tarnish, defame, discredit vilify, malign your so called political opponents. You would think that they were fighting a vicious battle with a foreign  enemy during a terrible war.

No, this is peacetime in America. ! this is what it has become.

This is the method used by the politicians against the other party or its members.

It is so low and shameful. I am not saying that the right is totally innocent in this manner. let’s just say they are not as vicious. they don’t even come close.

The reason the left is so emboldened in this type of behavior is because they get away with it most of the time. ..

Part 2 to follow……….


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