The DEAD Strategy Part 2

Continued from Part 1.The DEAD Strategy Part 1

The reason the left gets away with its methods of destruction of its political opponents is because they have the  news media on their side. What was once a neutral arbiter of facts and  were  the watch dogs and guardians of the truth have now sided with their leftist ideological partners. They have become an instrument of the left.

The hosts of the shows, particularly news shows, invite guests  and party operatives and pundits of their ideological party and persuasion with the same ideology to push their narrative forward or destroy the opposition opinion and narrative, depending on the situation.

They are not neutral but rather start with an agenda and prejudice.

If the news, real or fake, fits their agenda and narrative it is covered widely and across all their media. If it is against a certain ideology or persuasion it is buried or better yet trivialized.and dismissed.

The press acts the same way, always  eager to comply and to quote from people of the same persuasion as authorities and many times questionable, unchecked  and unverified sources as long as it meets their narrative and agenda.

They have become the tools of the ultra left.If the narrative and the facts do not match their ideological philosophy they destroy it.

What is extremely troublesome is that government agencies ,which  were once all neutral, until recently, have become totally political and politicized.

The Congress, House and Senate, the Supreme court, the Executive branch have all become too politicized and polarizing for the good of the country.

Even worse, the once neutral government agencies such as the IRS, the FBI, the CIA the Justice Department and the Attorney General, The VA, State Department and Defense have also become too politicized.Even the treasury department was politicized under Obama.

Just listen to the derogatory remarks of ex CIA Director John Brennan when he talks about the President of The United States, his President too, Donald Trump.

He says he is not a Democrat or  a Republican, well, he really has us all fooled.

Finally, they now endorse Socialism openly.They are either ignorant, uninformed or have an agenda. They must also hate America and their freedoms. I would like to ask them to name me one socialist or communist country which was a success. The latest live example unfolding in front of our eyes is Venezuela. the once wealthy, prosperous nation with limitless natural resources has been destroyed. Millions of its people are fleeing the country, many to America ! They lack almost all essentials and consumer goods including toilet paper.

Tell these new socialists to talk to people who lived under the USSR and the Eastern Europeans who lived under socialism. Talk to Chinese people who lived under Mao or to Cubans.Try to talk to people in North Korea if you can.

They say ours is going to be a “soft socialism” or a “democratic socialism”.

The new Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin geniuses.

After the bloody revolution in Russia, done in the name of the working class, millions upon millions were killed or sent away and then they suffered in poverty for decades under socialism.

Even Communist regime China has adopted Capitalism and free enterprise .

Yes, the governing body is “Communist”but the system is thriving under Capitalism and free enterprise.

Ask the people from East Berlin before the destruction of the wall and the unification of Germany which system of government they prefer. They lived it ! Ask the Poles, the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians what they think, just to name a few. Amen.

Continued in Part 3………


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