The DEAD Strategy Part 3

Continued from Parts 1 and  2

Now coming to the topic of the title of my post, the meaning of the dead strategy : The d.e.a.d strategy or dead strategy.

D stands for “demonize”.

E stands for “energize”.

A stands for “advertise” or “activate”

and the last D stands for “destroy.”

So you demonize the other side, by calling them all sorts of names and accusing them of being racists and homophobes and for being for the rich against the poor, for unequal justice, anti – immigrant, against women, against equal rights, anti LGBT and everything else you can throw at them  etc… Even deplorables and irredeemables.  Then you energize your base and staunch partisan followers.

 You then advertise or activate your base with the help of the more than compliant news media. Finally you try to destroy your opponent . You destroy them by the defamation  of their character and falsely accusing them of being demons and smearing them any which way you can.

The truth does not even matter.The end justifies the means.

The end is political expediency and victory.

They will say and do anything it takes to vilify their opponents and to obtain or keep power.

This is the sorry state of American politics of the recent times.The “dead strategy” !

This method or strategy is made even easier with 24 hour news, biased and one sided news media,  fake news, with some exceptions, the internet and social media.

After demonizing the opponent, they energize and activate their  base and like minded ideological party members and press.Unfortunately some courts are totally politicized and certain, once upon a time, neutral government agencies, participate in the process, the IRS and the Justice department come to mind.

They further enhance this strategy by making promises to the base and their followers with fake promises and pandering to them falsely.They know they can never deliver all they promise !

Continued in Part 4


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