The Dead Strategy Part 4

Continued from Parts 1,2, and 3

Another part of the dead strategy and part of the energize and activate your followers is creating false crises and crying foul.They act as though they always have a cause and that they’re saving the people from disasters, really non existent ones! They have a cause because they think they know better and to also satisfy their inflated egos.

They create a crises in every corner of their minds and for every group of people. These false crises are created to divide the people and rule, rather than to truly help them.Some examples as mentioned above:

Police brutality, unequal pay, gender gap, sexism, racism, homophobia, antisemitism,white privilege, unequal justice, for the rich, fair share of taxes and many many more !

Now, I am not saying that in some cases and in some instances the above “crises” do not exist. Unfortunately they sometimes do exist and that is always inexcusable. But that is the exception and not the rule and nothing close to the proportions they would have you believe.

It is time to resist and reject such political methods and make sure that people running for office talk about ideas and their vision for the people.Talk about issues that matter to people rather than spending the entire time smearing the other side.

Identity politics and smearing and demonizing your political opponents and their followers should no longer be tolerated.The DEAD strategy, demonize, energize, advertise, destroy !

The country is almost half divided in their beliefs, so demonizing the other side is insulting almost half the American population.What kind of a leader can justify insulting almost half the people of the country. This is true for any party or politician.

It is time to unite and inspire the American people rather than divide them. It is time to lead them with noble convictions and honorable ideals.

We are at a very delicate point in the history of this country. It is also a very turbulent and chaotic world with many changes and challenges ! Some of the winds of change are not for the best and not encouraging ! It takes true leadership and knowledge of what works and what does not work to run this country and to lead the world. The dead strategy should be banned. Let’s switch channels.

This is a country that excelled because of the individual and the belief by individuals that anything is possible.In America you could dream the impossible and reach unlimited greatness.

The strongest, greatest, most prosperous people and country in the world did not come into existence and become so because of government involvement and control.

Free enterprise and capitalism and a free people made America the country where more people have striven to come to than any other country in history.

Stop the demonization of each other and let the individuals do their job and be part of a united, prosperous people!

let’s unite and end  the dead strategy ! Unite and share the dream that is America,

God bless America !


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