The Democrat Manufacturing Company, Unlimited.

We are the “Democrat manufacturing company”.

We are full time manufacturers of false crises, divisions, lies, smears, fake news, fraud, propaganda, name calling, investigations, hearings and subpoenas. We are the number one manufacturer of the above in the United Sates.

We are also the foremost manufacturers of impeachments. Our impeachments are world renowned.

We are also manufacturers and the foremost suppliers and distributors of fake news and the best source of propaganda for the MSM. We are number one in manufacturing ” accuse your opponents of that which you yourself are guilty of “. No one comes close to us in that arena of products because we are the most reliable and trustworthy in the

world ! We offer the above at wholesale and tremendous savings.

We have offices throughout the United States and our manufacturing headquarters are based in Washington DC.We also have offices in all MSM regional and main corporate headquarters with whom we have close ties.

Our professionals are second to none and have numerous years of the finest experience in manufacturing our products. They have been working with the company almost for life.

Our products are the most popular with a big segment of the population !

Our employees are guaranteed for life and make millions of dollars; more than any other company in the world.

We are a semi public company, we manufacture and sell favors and influence to the highest bidders foreign or domestic.

Due to the efforts of tireless new employees, we are now opening a socialism desk in every office.This relatively new product is gaining tremendous popularity with the young and the naive and unaware, because we offer many free things.Fake promises of free stuff is another specialty of our company. Our fake free stuff include, but are not limited to, free healthcare, free housing, free education, free childcare, free abortions and free medication. We are now working on a whole new product line of fake free products such as free transportation and free healthy food and beverage.

One of our most popular free products is free borders. This product is extremely popular domestically but more so internationally.

For a complete list of our free products visit our website at www.


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