The Government Does Not Care About It’s Citizens

Government is no longer responsible to The People, it just isn’t ! In a quiet deal Governor Newsom of California ordered $ I billion dollars of masks from China. That company is BYD, a Chinese automaker !The deal is “confidential”. You would logically think why with all the recent trouble originating from China and the awareness of dangerous dependence on China for essential goods, why this would happen. This is why we are in this mess to begin with. Corrupt politicians, predominantly democrats are still selling our jobs to China. 3M is an American firm and is the largest world mask manufacturer. Why not them or another US manufacturer. Other people’s money, your tax money, is again being spent like it is ownerless !. Why get a Chinese “auto maker” to make masks if not for corrupt reasons and illegal activity ?
How far will they go in testing the people’s patience !


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