The Land of Opportunity

Millions of people have come to America and are still coming. Many even come illegally by crossing the border or by coming for a temporary stay but never going back. This is very revealing !

They do not come  because they want racism, or think there is systemic racism, they come to get away from it. They do not come for persecution of religion or sex or  sexual orientation, they come to be able to freely practice their religion and  choice and lifestyle.They come for equal justice and equal opportunity. They come because Americans are welcoming and good people. They come because America is a melting pot and has diversity and people of different cultures and religion and races and color and ethnicity.

They come to leave tyranny and lack of freedoms to a land of opportunity and equality. They come because as a first generation immigrant you can become a billionaire or President from a minority group. They come because there is no ruling class or caste or  aristocracy and generations of stagnation and poverty due to your birth or circumstances. They come for a better future for their children and their future generations.They come because they know that with new ideas and hard work you create companies that within one generation  can replace the mightiest old companies that were thought to be forever. A small company started in a garage called Apple can overtake an existing super company called IBM. A new company called Amazon,  can overtake the biggest retailer in history called Walmart. So many more such examples.Within years a Tesla can become the biggest automaker in the world ! These are some of the reasons they came and continue coming. In one generation you can become the most successful and wealthiest people in history or a very high ranking official, as high as The President.

They come because they have freedoms, some of which are freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press and freedom of religion and freedom of assembly and peaceful protests ! They come because ,unfortunately, ignorant ones grow to burn their flag and insult their national anthem, and that is a freedom in this country too !!

They come because as a member of the LGBTQ you have equal rights and are rightfully protected against harassment and prejudice ! They come because to become a mayor or governor or a House Representative or Senator on the state or federal level or even President, you do not have to be part of a ruling class.

If the  democrat socialists have their way, they will no longer come because for the first time in American history, the reasons they came will all be gone !