The offended

Everyone is easily offended these days. Amazing.!

Such fragile souls !

What will happen when they come into the real world and face the truth, which is joy, sadness, health, sickness, love and hate, hard work, aging,  an unforeseen and unavoidable misfortune of some sort, losing your loved ones and so much more and then finally death. Yes death we will all die !

I remember that in school as a young boy I was bullied by others bigger and stronger than myself. I definitely do not condone or approve of such conduct, but it is part of life. I learnt to cope with it, fight against it but also accept it.Early on I realized that not everyone was going to be as tolerant towards me as mom and dad and my siblings  and friends if at all. It taught me to become stronger and smarter and find better ways to cope with the  difficulties life throws in my path.

There are things in life which we cannot control such as an unpredictable misfortune or sickness or an accident and much more.

Hopefully these experiences will make us stronger as long as there exists hope and life.

The worst one can do is to believe he or she is a victim when they are really not because there truly are real victims.The blind, the disabled, the cripple, the hungry, the sick and the millions living under dictatorships just to mention a few of the true victims. Yet there are those amongst us in this rich nation, who are young, middle aged or old and able and healthy and free and pretend to be victims.They are well fed, well educated and in many instances rich. You are not a victim ! You are spoiled and undeserving. You are unaware, with education but not smart.You are not true. Shame on you !

Let the unfortunate real victims be the ones we feel we should help and pay attention to and support.

There are millions across the globe. Born into poverty, ill health, starvation, cruelty and captivity. Living under terrible harsh circumstances they had no say or control over. Ill situations they live in with no fault of their own.

Those are the true victims in our world.  There are so many  !

In most of the western world and especially in this country most of us are blessed.. There are true exceptions, toward whom we should all be compassionate and tolerant but not the fake victims.We are blessed with bounty of food, the best of technology, health sciences, medicine, mobility and communication, longer lives, freedom, just to mention a few and the best things a true democracy and an advanced nation offers which are too numerous to mention here.

Those who are constantly creating false crises and then pretending to be victims or participate in false non existing crises are not victims.

The politicians have become experts in creating these phony crises to manipulate you and control you.They try to arouse your anger and divert your energy to negativity. They try to take your focus away from the real problems and issues.They try to fool you, particularly the unaware and the gullible and the vulnerable amongst us.

Too many people specially our youth are becoming prey to such tactics. It is time to become aware and wake up.

By having the best country in the world and maintaining it means that we as the people are strong and more blessed.

Do not be fooled. See the truth !