The truth

The truth has been twisted.

it’s been so twisted that it is warped.

lost its shape and form and looks, and is completely irregular looking.

Logic and common sense are in outer space and nowhere to be found.

It’s disturbing how some people think.

Do they even think ?

I have a hard time understanding the self hate and hate of country

Hard time understanding the divisiveness.

Examples : War on women ! like, what war on women ?

We all come from women, or don’t we ? Did I miss something here

Immigration : I like immigration, but legally. I like immigrants but legal ones.

sanctuary cities for who ?  For those who broke the law ?

Why do you need sanctuary and from whom if you have not done anything wrong ?

more taxation for who ? for those who worked hard and made it ? those who provide the jobs ?

there are so many ways to prevent getting pregnant and if you do, so many places to get a free abortion. what is the problem there ?

You can’t be responsible and act accordingly.?

Calling anyone that disagrees with you, racist.

There is my truth, your truth, his truth, her truth and their truth and our truth, but  not THE truth.

There is my reality, your reality, his reality, her reality, their reality, our reality, but not THE reality.

The same goes for facts !

my facts, your facts, his facts, her facts, their faces, our facts but not THE facts.

Then there is “The American People have a right to know ” ! To know what ? anything you say or the truth ?

The other famous quote being thrown around is “No one is above the law”. Well no one is, except those who keep on saying that ! It almost is like saying YOU do not have the same rights because of your position rather than YOU are not above the law, usually referring to President Trump.

Yes, the truth has been beaten and bent completely out of shape.

Twisted and distorted and broken, the poor truth?


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