The world

Let the fools know !

The world would be a very desperate place without America. Man’s inhumanity to man and  cruelty and evil would be unstoppable

America stopped imperial Japan and Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy with the blood of its children. America broke down the iron curtain and the tyranny of hundreds of millions of people under its rule. The USSR was defeated and millions were liberated because of America. When the Berlin Wall fell, thousands fled to West Germany away from socialism and communism.America stopped Imperialism as it existed and Great Britain and France and Spain and the other European countries who were colonialists and colonized weaker countries were stopped from their imperialism and colonization.

Thanks to america, there exists a prosperous and rich South Korea. Compare that to North Korea ! Yes, despite some flaws and mistakes, America has been the savior of the world. One fact alone should be enough to confirm that.

The fact that millions of immigrants have come and still come to AMERICA ! The land where you can dream, practice your religion and speak out. The land where from poor beginnings you can reach multibillionaire status in one generation and or become  President from a minority origin. American exceptionalism and individualism are a badge of honor. Equal justice and equal opportunity  and freedom are trademarks of America.

Let the fools know that there is no better system or country. Let the fools know that freedom does not mean “for free”. Let them know that when they think it is free, that is precisely the time they sold their freedoms and their souls to the government and the ruling politicians.Those politicians will become absolute ruling class. That is when they are enslaved and really will value their lives and freedom.

That might be too late ! Let the fools know !