The Worth of Your Freedom

“May you never know my worth”, ” May you never miss me” !
In times like this, if we stop to reflect on life and our blessings the hardships that we face may prove to have some positive qualities and not be all negative. Let this terrible epidemic teach us of the worth of the things that we have and the worth of the people we love that we do not have to miss because they are gone.
Say “I love you” to your loved ones and friends when they are around, not when they are gone ! “Miss” them when you know you can see them or talk to them. When they are gone it is too late, and NO ONE knows when that will happen.
Know the “worth” of your freedom and your blessings when you have them not when they are gone or taken away ! Let this epidemic teach us of the value of what we have and not take anything for granted any longer.
If only we knew how fast it can all disappear…………….
…………… But wait, ………..,now we know !


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