To start with: What’s It All About?

I have posted the mission of the blog in my  first ever blog and now I am going to start to write more about things of importance and concern to me.

My second blog :

What’s it all about, Alfie ? Music is the joy of my life.I can laugh with music, cry with music, dream with music, and fly with music. I can dance with music, be inspired by music and create beautiful writings with music. I can also inspire others with music. I can think deep with music, create with music and be most spiritual with music.

Music is the love of my life.

After all this you may ask do I play any instrument. Unfortunately the answer is no. But I can write the songs and compose the lyrics and create the tune in my head without effort.

Another passion of mine which helps me make up for the lack of not playing the piano or any other musical instrument is writing. There you go ! I love to write.

I write when I am sad, I write when I am happy, I write when I’m moody and I write when I’m pensive.I write when I’m angry, when I am cheerful,secure, insecure, doubtful and when I am sure.

I just love writing.

I am still asking myself what it’s all about and still trying to figure it out. What’s it all about Alfie ? Is it just for the moment we live ? What’s it all about when you sort it all out Alfie ? Is life meant to be to sit under a beautiful tree in the fields and meadows and have the choice of being in the shade or in direct sunlight without the slightest concern ? or,

Is life meant to be hard working, constantly striving, being extremely responsible and caring and trying to please others more than yourself. Which one is it all about ? When you really find out, let me know !

Life is a tapestry of mysteries, known and mostly unknown but the only form of existence and space we have. We know no other way, The mind knows the existence of life and time and space  when alive but nothing is known about these when you are dead.

The topics that I like to write about are very diverse and thus I encourage my readers to do the same.

I write love songs but I also  write  about many other topics such as government, torture and social issues and problems and many more subjects. I will write about experiences too.

I think that I will start categorizing the writings in at least the following topics for now and then expand as we go along.You will be involved in the evolution of the topics as we grow.

I will post some of my writings and topics in my next blog.



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