Tyranny is bad in all forms, but in America it is now becoming the tyranny of the minority over the majority.Everybody has a gripe or a complaint or is a victim. Everybody is disenfranchised, unhappy and blames everyone else but themselves for their shortcomings.The sad part is, that for those of us that have lived in other countries and know the real difference, all these complaints are just completely unfounded and absurd.

This is the best country in the world for whites, blacks,Asians,men, women, children and gays, lesbians and transgenders.This is the best country in the world for the handicapped, the poor, the disabled and obviously for the well to do and the healthy.This is also the most generous and the least discriminating country in the world despite all the rhetoric to the opposite.

I don’t understand why some people in the list above are always complaining.

We have supermarkets blessed with abundance, stores filled with anything you could desire. We have services for all kinds of things in life. We have prices from very high to very low. No one needs to go hungry in America.

There are still millions if not Billions of people hungry, starving, downtrodden and depressed due to the lack of freedom and all the other things we have in abundance.

We are spoiled and take our situation of blessing for granted.We can burn the flag, kneel in protest during the national anthem for God knows what nonsense and yet America is bad !

You cannot afford many things in these countries but the least rich in America can have the benefit of the latest technology such as computers, i pads and smart phones and smart televisions, just to name a few.

The least powerful can protest, shout names to the highest officials in the government and unfortunately sometimes they can riot, vandalize, loot and destroy without any consequences.

Yes America is awful.

That is why everybody in the world from rich to poor try to come here. They want to come to the terrible life that America offers.They want to live a poor life with no choices and no opportunities.They bring their children to the doom of America.
Historians have said that too much freedom leads to destruction, let’s hope that this is not true for America because the majority of its people recognize its blessings!


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