White Privilege

When you think that you have seen and heard  the most absurd, far fetched, ridiculous comments from some groups, you are surprised that it really never ends and actually there is always a new level of idiocy in the form of a complaint or new grievance.

Now the new cause or argument is white privilege !

How stupid ! Like are you guilty now  because you are white.

What about blue eye privilege, green eye privilege, tall privilege and being healthier privilege and so many other “privileges” not in our control.

Is being lucky versus unlucky a privilege.

Are you privileged if you are a muslim in a majority muslim country ?

Are you privileged in a majority white country if you are white ?

Are you privileged in a majority black country if you are black ?

Are majority people in any country more privileged versus minorities ?

This is the same thing as saying black lives matter !

Well of course black lives matter but so do white lives, Asian lives, Jewish lives, Christian lives and muslim lives and so forth.

It seems that everything that comes up from the extreme left is to divide people or to pitch them against each other.

Are we now going to marginalize white people ? Should they feel guilty ?

Would that not be discrimination ?

Where is common sense and reason gone to ?

What exactly is any privilege ?

Are you privileged if you are bigger and stronger than another one ?

Are you privileged if you are smarter ? better looking ? healthier ?

Have you ever read about Aristocracy and the higher class that existed for centuries because of your class, almost always by birth? Now that is what is called privileged !! I wonder if the white peasant or commoner was privileged just by being white. We do not live in a caste system !

Like I said in another post inequality starts from birth.

What a good society does is despite all inequalities, it offers its citizens a level playing field. The outcome will never be guaranteed or the same for everyone because we are all different in many ways.

On a global scale, some people born into a rich country are privileged versus those born in poverty or a poor country.Have you heard of children being born in the poorest countries and dying of starvation with bloated stomachs and no food ? Stop complaining !! We are all privileged in this country and most of the west and many other countries.

I think that freedom and comfort has gone to some people’s heads. They just don’t know how good they have it here.They have no clue of what it is to be a real victim.

Those people are everything but heroes. They are always beating someone else’s drum. Complaining for a group they are not even a part of.

Yes, I will fight against injustice and against racism or any other evil any time and much more powerfully than you ! Count on it ! I love such people too.

What I dislike is those hypocrites who are the false heroes and representatives , or so they think, for every one else and themselves.

You will not be able to change evolution, genetics nor history nor the truth, the real truth, not the made up truth !!!

I sometimes feel Americans have for the most part become victims in their own minds and don’t know how good they have it.

Maybe the right word is spoiled.

It’s like safe spaces, like give me a break! Safe space from what ? Is the Gestapo or the KGB chasing you on campus ? Pol Pot’s regime is on the loose and you need safe spaces ?

What about those that are not allowed in the safe spaces that you created ? Those are your safe spaces, now they need their own safe spaces and so on and on .There we go ! Victims, Victims, Victims.

I say enough !! Stop complaining and be grateful that you are living in the land of bounty and plenty.

Most of the world does not have our luxuries of freedom, endless supermarkets filled with food from all over the globe and an infinite variety of goods and services.We are all privileged to be living here despite most of  the nonsensical complaints every group seems to have.

It used to be that in many cultures if your offspring was a male it was considered a blessing or a privilege ! Be grateful that this is almost no longer the case in most parts of the world but definitely not in the western culture where you live in.

So stop with this fabricated, false, idealistic, ignorant mind set and division !

It is time to say something to unite all people, white, black, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or of any other race, religion or creed or culture !

That is what I will try to do, Join me ! !!


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