When you are a winner, you fight ! You fight for a deal, you fight for your family and  your people and you fight for your country by winning the election against all odds. That has always been Donald Trump. He is a “Winner”. He does not like to lose, Thank God  for this quality of this man. He focuses like a laser beam with incredible energy and focus to win. 74 years old, a few days after getting Covid, he is holding rallies with thousands upon thousands of people attending. He is bigger than the biggest “rockstar” and the biggest superhero. The people love him and his courage. He loves them back. The energy is addicting because of his authenticity and genuineness and most of all endless, God given energy ! The MSM and the loser “democrats ” can do and say whatever they want but he WILL BEAT THEM. they can take their fake polls and shove it up each others you know where !

People see honesty, they see sincerity, they see hard work, they see care and they see true conviction and love of God and country. They see love !

God be with you President Trump, You deserve it and the people deserve you ! You deserve being President of the country and the country deserves and needs you as their PRESIDENT ! 


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