You choose

I can make peace, I can fight

I can love, I can hate,

I can build, I can destroy

You choose !


I can be your best friend , I can be your worst enemy

I can see harmony, I can see conflict

I can be honest , I can be dishonest

You choose !

I can be on you side, I can be on the other side

I can show you the path, I can show you the pit

I can show you smart, I can show you dumb

You choose

I can show you the light, I can show you the dark

I can embrace you, I can push you away

I can show you brotherhood, I can show you war

You choose

I can be kind, I can be cruel

I can help, I can create obstacles

I can teach you, I can fool you

You choose

I can care, I can be careless

I can make laugh, I can make cry

I can create ease, I can create hardship

You choose

I can be polite, I can be rude

I can be refined, I can be crude

I can love, I can hate

You choose

I can be true, I can be false

I can be myself or I can pretend

I can make happy, I can make sad

You choose

I can be real, I can be fake

I can be logical, I can be illogical

I can be reasonable, I can be unreasonable

You choose

I choose peace

I choose love

I choose to build

I choose to be a friend

I choose harmony

I choose honesty

I choose peace

I choose showing you the path

I choose being smart

I choose the light

I choose to embrace you

I choose brotherhood

I choose to be kind

I choose to be helpful

I choose to teach

I choose to care

I choose to make laugh

I choose to create

I choose to be polite

I choose to be refined

I choose to be loved

I choose to be true

I choose to be myself

I choose to make happy.

The question is my friends: Which do you choose ?


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