When we are young we feel indestructible and think that life is eternal, life is forever.

when you are young you are strong, you can eat rocks and sleep on rocks. You have time to make mistakes  and recover from them but not so much when you are old.

The old say that life is a blink of an eye but when you are young you believe that the blink lasts forever.

Nothing can buy nor return youth and its glory.When you reach old age you realize that the blink was a fleeting moment.

It is truly when you are old that you realize the importance of being young.

It is when you are sick that you realize the blessings of being healthy.

The biggest capital given to any human being is youth and if you waste it or squander it you will lose.

The biggest gift given to a person is health and if you lose it you have lost this world.

Youth and health are true wealth.


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