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11 hours ago

Woo the People
“ I’m the government, it’s my money “ !

“ I’m the government, it’s my money “ ! ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

Woo the People
“No need to rush in cheating “ !

“No need to rush in cheating “ ! ... See MoreSee Less

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It's not funny when it's true

I agree.

Dear Immigrants: If you want to live in a Country just like the one you Democrat! If you came here for a job & a better Republican. It's that simple.

You, like all the others, have no proof PERIOD!!!!

11 hours ago

Woo the People
“So many different truths” !

“So many different truths” ! ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

Woo the People
“Anything in the wrong hands can kill” !

“Anything in the wrong hands can kill” ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Agree 100%!!

If he hasn't done it on day one of taking office, what makes you think he's gonna do it now????

2 days ago

Woo the People

Eliminating voter ID to vote is purely voter fraud and corruption ! ... See MoreSee Less

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That's the only chance they have. They can't win fair and square. The demoncrats are complete frauds.

What other possible reason could there be???

Their corruption is so obvious for all to see and they are getting away with it

If you don’t need an ID to vote then everything else requiring ID is also racist. No ID for anything!! Let’s see how that works!!

So very true!!!!


The Democrats get really mad when it’s harder for them to cheat.



There is no logical reason to not have voter ID at least I haven’t heard one yet

Just another plan, for the Democratic Party to take over

2 days ago

Woo the People

I refuse to drink Coca Cola and I refuse to ever fly with Delta ! I think the leaders of these companies and some other such companies consume another type of coke ! The type that makes them lose their heads. and fly all over with the wrong flying machine !! ... See MoreSee Less

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I had boycotted them long ago...

I don't drink Coke and will never fly Delta.

I bet it doesn't stop hunter biden from snorting! Whoops, my bad, I mean drinking coke! Nod, nod, wink, wink.

Thank you

Coke and Delta can go Take a flying leap into the swamp I think they're Way to White ... They can consider themselves "Cancelled"

Yea way too much monkey dust.


And why they want that border open..oh and the child sex thats important to them too...

Went to the same colleges, belongs to the same fraternities and sororities


❤ Started with Hollywood the minute Trump decided to run for President, Everyone loved Trump before He announced His run. My list of Boycott Companies grows longer each day. We must destroy THE WOKE CULTURE BEFORE IT DESTROYS US, I PRAY THAT GOD & KARMA WILL SOON.

So many more companies they own

I'm with you.

They ain't gonna miss your little bit of change

I bet y'all wearing Nike's again


What people don't understand is coke is owned and operated by independent owners. When you boycott you hurt them. Write to corporate in Atlanta they are the ones that started this. Just saying.

Coke sells more than pop!

2 days ago

Woo the People

The country is definitely almost evenly divided. Half sane and half insane ! The insane seem to control the levers of power including the ever powerful media and academia and government agencies and branches of government including The Executive, legislative and an indifferent and lazy Supreme Court which does not do their job.!Most people including foreigners prefer the insane side because the insane have no rules & foreigners can break borders and break the law and then get everything for free !The sane side has rules & standards and in this day & age that is not a very popular thing. ... See MoreSee Less

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On point

So very True !

I agree


nope. quarters 1/4 sane 1/4 insane 1/4 dumbass and 1/4 indifferent

This is true.

The supreme court sure has turned out to be a bunch of spineless, left wing jelly fish!!!!

Agree. But not all foreigners are insane .That's what the corporate media wants you to believe.

Here's insane : California is thinking about parole for somebody who murdered someone in 96. When he got out, he murdered ANOTHER person. Google Cree Parole. These people are crazy.

Spot on... hopefully sanity will return. Soooooooooon!!!!

There is only one fix for this. And I fear patriot's lack the will...

It’s even worse. There are several companies that give large sums of money to BLM, a group whose purpose in life is to overthrow our government and replace it with communism. Their leaders brag about this. And the Biden administration supports them. America needs to do all they can to boycott these companies and republicans in congress and the senate need to stand up for country and tell everyone the truth about what is going on. So far it seems like they don’t care , afraid or just worried about re-election. It’s a sad state of affairs made worse by the lies and totally dishonest media

We aren't in a good way right now!! 👎🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

This is very true

Instead of just thunder there needs to be some lightning strikes. Elected officials need to reach down and grow some and DO THEIR JOBS BEFORE WE HAVE TO


The so called "sane side" have no kind of legislative ideas either, so they throw stones at people for just disagreeing with them on any topic you can think of, cause their topics of importance circle around Mr. Potato head, Dr. Suess, and Matt " The teenage girls dream" Gaets


Fortunately the sane own most of the guns.

Legally we can rise up against the president and his minions. We need a leader though that is willing to help us in the right direction

The big split is on the way. Change is in the air. ❤️🇺🇸

Poop in their shoes

I am glad to be a part of the sane.


Half agreed

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2 days ago

Woo the People

When I think about it, this country is spending trillions of man hours discussing nonsense & trivia on a yearly basis. China has a lot more unity, money and time to spend on the important matters of their people & country. The democrats & their MSM allies encourage a China First agenda. The American left & the democrats are China’s best allies & America’s worst enemy !That is really sad for America & the world, time will show ! ... See MoreSee Less

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It's obvious for those of us with insight....

So, move your ass to China, and quit bitchin

Problem solved!!!

2 days ago

Woo the People
“ I’m scared, some sanity “ !

“ I’m scared, some sanity “ ! ... See MoreSee Less

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49 more states to go

All women including The feminists better come out fast and express their support of this

This should not be an issue,, 😑

Sad world, we’re going backwards instead forward with Joe Biden administration, lord protected us all from evil Amen 🙏

Give them their own category these freaks can compete against themselves

All states should fallow

You did the right thing. Ty

Keep going....



Praise God!!




Awesome, Mississippi!

Thumbs up.

wait to go

This should had never been an issue!


Amen thank you

If they want to compete they should start a transgender category of sports.

I don't know what the problem is, cause a lot of you guys run like girls

Should be nationwide !

Girls are girls. If a man want to pretend he is a girl that fine but he is still a male.

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