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2 days ago

Woo the People

Joe Biden definitely has a sinister, secret plot.Destroying order at the borders and letting in thousands of unvetted migrants is pure evil and intentional.I am sure some major gangs and even terrorists are entering.He has also made a deal with the Taliban which is being kept secret. The man is a pathological liar aided by other democrats who are in with the secret plottings. His homeland security secretary, Mayorkas, lets everyone in except Cubans who are true refugees because they might not vote democrat.It is amazing how corrupt his administration and his people are. Now they have woke and partisan generals and once neutral government agencies plotting with them.The DC officials and police and mayor have blown the January 6 protests into a fake insurrectIon with Biden and Nancy Pelosi and other democats and the fake news media colluding with them. There are innocent people imprisoned for invalid reasons and without due process. They want to shame mostly white conservatives into submission by falsely accusing them of being " white supremacists".The deep state is at work and it behooves us to remain vigilant and to resist the propaganda and the corruption surrounding this country. ... See MoreSee Less

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They woke the Generals when Trump was President. Imagine the country we would have had had nobody been trying to undermine Trump during his term!

And if Trump deported the Haitians they would have called him racist, and kkk,bullshit,but biden does it and the paid for media says nothing.

Only thing wrong with this is Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to make any decisions. Who do you think is? Hmmm

Well said

Biden is an imbecile he’s not running anything ! Susan Rice and Obama are ! Think Kamala will be different ? Think again she will never be allowed to run anything either , she’s as stupid as Biden .

Sleepy Joe doesn't have the brains for this, it's the puppet master Obama in the shadows

Make no mistake. They have a great plan alright. Steal our freedoms. Force us to comply. We've gotta pray harder. Remain stronger. In God We Trust!

Those are not people to them, they are votes. Cubans tend to vote republican. They tried to sneak an amnesty clause into that infrastructure bill but the parliamentarian stopped them. They will find another way. The votes are more important to them than control of the virus. That’s how evil they are. They are trying to change how many democrat to republican voters are in the country.

Destroy red States. .close pipiline. Now open borders..while we watch💩💩

The democrats does nothing without George Soros approval

This is all true but you just barely scratched the surface of this turd. Biden wants to spend billions on climate change all the while leaving one of our closest ally’s (ISRAEL) hanging out to dry!!!!

Say🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 hello to the soon, coming red states successions from the United States . New interstate border walls will follow.

I am saddened and disappointed that our republican officials are to weak, to scared, or to incompetent to fight back against the democrats and Biden's agenda. Everyday and I mean everyday CNN and msn put out a huge amount of stories attacking the republicans and Trump. The lies, misinformation and fake stories are staggering. yet we see very little response from the republicans. In many cases the democrats accuse the republicans of exactly what they are doing. The lack of good messaging and pushback from the republican is astonishing. the democrats tell a lie over and over and over until it becomes true. they know this works and continue it. Still the republicans are relatively silent. The republicans need to become united and develop much better messaging. Republicans are wrong if they think being quiet will ever will them another election.

Kenny Adams

True it’s what is happening

Come Lord Jesus come

This is the 3rd Obama term

It's time to rise up & take our Country back.


That's why they where put into office in the first place. They are only Stupid figure heads, who can't think for themselves. Anybody who goes around calling people man, and forgetting the names of people whom he's talking with or about has got to have Dementia!!!!

Fuck Joe Biden and ALL of his criminal conspirators

It’s time to leave these communist and have our own Country!

If January 6 was an insurrection,why has no one been charged with that?

Notice that they had no problem with brown people at the border but are sending the black people back?!?!

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5 days ago

Woo the People

The borders are overflowing with millions of migrants trying to come into this country. Now even from Haiti and other far away places.. I want to ask the democrats who accuse this country of being systemic racist and homophobic why they think so many are traveling with so much hardship and peril, young and old, to come here. There are even pregnant women amongst them. People must love leaving their countries of birth and their homes to come to a racist country. Could it be that they all know that all this "racism" crap is just that, CRAP ? democrat BS and lies and propaganda to divide and fool people. Their English may not be that good but their perception of facts and the truth is a lot better than many born here. Many of them leave socialist countries. I want to ask our brilliant but stupid college students, the ones who beat the drums of racism, how do you answer why everyone is trying to leave all those other countries to come here ? To the blacks in America, the very vocal few who call this country racist, the ones who kneel in protest to disrespect the national anthem and the US flag, why then are so many black people coming here too ?I have yet to see one, just one, of those who complain, !eave . ... See MoreSee Less

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they are coming for Biden’s Reparations

Bam !!!

You want to make this a black thing???? Well, you've come to the right place. Let me ask you something first. All these people that want to come here, do you believe that they think we are racist? Would you like to see these people come here to achieve the"American Dream"???? If not, why so?

Haitians are really refugees. I don't have a problem with them.

Freebies! Never having to work , just live high on the hog! Just have to ruin our lives and vote Democratic!

Stay in your own country try and make it like usa.....

Yep !!!

Don’t toot your own horn while falling for the Trojan 🐎 horse of MIGRATION WARFARE


Welcome to OBiden's world...

Can you say Covid spreader! Deaths are not n them! God help us!

I hear so many are being sent back to Haiti. My question is how are people from Haiti getting here in the first place?

Democrats bringing in voters to destroy the country

“This is political theater. The history of open borders is a key to Democrat power . The altruistic pretense is both disingenuous and problematic . We have no problem with legal immigration historically . Our ancestors came for opportunity. The work ethic was essential. Assimilation was the first goal . Now assimilation is considered racist. We are seeing a growing wave of people who are not blending with our culture. They are in affect expecting us to adapt to their values. Additionally many are incapable of working and uneducated. Unless you want a servant class that is dependent on government largesse. And that is the plan in a nutshell. Democrats socialist are introducing millions of Dependency based Voting blocks . They will endeavor to place them in Red states. Eroding the Current citizens votes and eradication of the opposing political party. California is the ultimate example of that. Question becomes How to create a failed state “The Democrats plan to devalue the work ethic is undeniable. Promoting a welfare dependency is essential in creating a socialist state. The effect of paying able body individual to not work is effectively , destroying self reliance personal pride in accomplishment perpetuating the generational failure that creates class envy. What are the ramifications of this mentality. See Chicago, as example one . See the crime ridden eastern cities. It’s now reaching a critical level. If you add a disrespect for law an order it’s a tinder box . Democrats have been establishing this mentality to dumb down the citizens. indoctrinated into an alliance to a undeniably loathing for American . When creating a socialist welfare state it’s an essential tool. The slow erosion of free market capitalism. Educators who spend time promoting social warriors rather than establishing an responsible student. Welfare is a misleading action which sounds like a caring effort. But it’s actually a first step in eliminating jobs and creating a self perpetuating welfare state and government dependency. LBJ was the racist that perpetrated the war on black families and the creation of the modern day plantation. Update that too a more broad based approach. Now the welfare state becomes the statist worship system. With government dependency self reliance is eroded. Then we will see the government mandates and regulatory nightmare which will crush small business and eliminate competition and benefit the Oligarchs that donate to Democrats socialist. Crony capitalism for the few .

Thankfully they all just want a better life. No one entering illegally has nefarious motives or intentions!

They come here for free stuff, but how long can taxpayers afford it?

I remember the election where Hillary Clinton ran against Donald Trump, and several of Hillary supporters said if Trump one they would leave the country. It has been almost five years since Trump one and they are still packing????

Well stated, to bad the dems and libs and the college students aren't smart enough to realize the truth. It's to bad they live in a narrow minded world instead of seeing what is happening right now under the noses.


Yes. I would too like an explanation from the democrats

TRUE 100 %


Who flew them here from Haiti??

If this country is just SSOOOOOOO racist. Then why are so many different races trying to come here???? I’d love to know the answer to that one. And the 14th amendment applies to FORMER SLAVES. Not illegal aliens. Read it. And there has been over 2 million to cross the border already. Also. ANY “family units” will be flown INTO the US. With a court date. How many won’t show. So most of those now 15,000+ people in del rio. Say 13,000+. Will be let in and given travel. All at TAX PAYER EXPENSE.

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6 days ago

Woo the People
Biden the corrupt, inept

"Biden the corrupt, inept" ... See MoreSee Less

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Prayers for our lord bless our country America 🇺🇸 our lord protected us all from evil Amen 🙏

If America doesn't get a handle on this crap, we're done.


Puppet doing his masters bidding. 👎



Pray for our country

I don’t understand why he’s still in office.

As of last Monday's news Biden gave the Taliban 64 million dollars of our taxpayers money humanitarian gift also the UN is going to give them 1 billion dollars in cash well we the people sit in squalor unemployment our vets and our elderly are left behind

There IS a real President, but he has been deprived of his rightful place.


Truer words were never spoken!

Sooo true ...but dont be deceived he is an evil person.



so where are all the jackass joe voters at i would like to know? all ive seen is TRUMP backers, which i am one of..

Trump Won

Better than the crook we had before


Sick of this perverted b🤬💲turd.

This is just twistin your brain ain't it????

Shame on his family


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6 days ago

Woo the People

Errors, mistakes, blunders, incompetence, failures, that is Biden & his administration. It's a comedy of errors except it is no comedy, but rather a "tragedy of errors" !Just when you think the incompetence could not be any worse, you find out that it is much worse.The Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete unnecessary disaster and we lost dozens of innocent lives including 13 of our own soldiers. Only God knows how many Americans we have left hopelessly behind. The government will not tell us the truth.Today we found out that the drone strike killed 10 innocent people, 7 of which were children and not any terrorist as previously claimed. This is atrocious and criminal and Biden should go on trial with those inept generals and commanders in charge. Biden rushed to action to " correct" his blunderous withdrawal and killed innocent people.How can you be so stupid, yet so arrogant ? To the MSM and the social media giants who so eagerly helped pull off a coup against a true leader and replace him with a senile, incompetent imbecile, CONGRATULATIONS! Are you happy now ? are you better off ? Is the country and the world safer ? How about you brilliant Biden voters ? Happy now ?Do you enjoy Biden who never takes real questions and when he does it is all scripted & full of lies and he just walks away. Do you enjoy his propagandist representatives who all lie and misrepresent the truth when they are questioned. How come you hypocrites do not fact check them ? Was it not time worthy for you to fact check that the drone strike did NOT kill ISIS-K terrorists but innocent people including children. Would you have checked this if Trump was in charge ?What ideology do you serve ? Deceit, fraud, lies and incompetence as long as it is a democrat in charge.Even the Vaccine has been politicized and today the FDA rejected the Pfizer booster plan.You are all a part of the tragedy of errors and the reason this country is going down. Everything Biden has done has been totally incompetent and tragic including the terrible border crisis with hundreds of thousands of migrants coming in illegally.The corrupt media hide all these tragedies which has emboldened the corrupt to continue in their incompetence and corruption. All part of the Deep State Swamp. ... See MoreSee Less

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Nobody could screw up this bad on accident. I believe the actions of this administration are intentional .

Is anyone surprised?

please dont ask biden how he can be so stupid!! you will get your answer, just give him a few more days..

But was it a accident 🤔 I'm thinking maybe some that knew to much info against these pieces of shits that are in charge


Yes, mark the supporters!

This is exactly the cluster you get when you elect a senator who was in the Senate for 47 years and accomplished absolutely nothing and now he is the leader of our country… The buffoon in charge

All absolutely true.

Everything you say is true but I have only one word that describes this total debacle...OBAMA that is what he wanted to do during his 2 terms but wasn't able to finish it. Said he would like a 3rd term as a shadow president. Well he got it.

This is the Biden administration. Pathetic.

3rd term of Obama

Well said

If indeed it is Obama pulling the strings...he's making Joe look like a complete idiot

All true… hope all the Biden voters are happy now.. this is sickening

Its just hard anymore with the horrible news. Blessings to those poor souls.

There should be a law against politicians lying to the american people.

Whatcha gonna do???

You forgot to mention corrupt FBI covering up a pedophile molesting dozens of U.S. gymnasts!

You are wrong it is not error it is intentionally being done, wake up

Indeed 👍

I read they listened to the Taliban for information of course they want to expose Joe as a killer

This has been in the works for a very long time. Hence the the continuous smear campaign against Trump. He was in their way so their propaganda worked. People voted out of conditioned hate rather than common sense and sensibility. Pray for our country every day because we are in a heap of trouble!!!! 😢😢😢😢

Every word is true.

Well said. Ask any Biden supporter to name one good thing he's done and all you get is crickets

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1 week ago

Woo the People

This was a comment on a post and I think it is very accurate in depicting the truth about future elections and what happened in 2020. The democrats totally control the elections and have systems and activists and rules that will make it almost impossible for the republicans to win in any consequential election or positions. The republicans are asleep at the switch and are not taking any measures to stop election fraud and rigging votes and elections. In 2022 the democrats will cheat and win and keep control because they will eliminate ID requirements, signature verifications and allow fake and manipulated mail in ballots. They have a well constructed "machinery" to rig the elections at whatever cost. This will be also be aided by suppression polls, a corrupt and biased media to vilify and demonize their opponents and tampered vote counting machines that will switch votes from their opponents to their people.Charles Akin :When you control the election process, you can control who is in power and how long they are there.Those of you waiting on the red tide of the midterms, well, it just ain’t going to happen folks.Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to be there when the voting booth opens and will vote red all the way. But I am a realist and 100% sure of the outcome before the last vote is counted. It will be a blue landslide. They will have complete control of both houses. Because they will have complete control of the election mechanism.Then and only then will the Dems proceed with either a 25th amend move, or impeachment over the Failed Afghan Withdrawal.But don’t get excited. After the Harris Biden admin is ousted you will have to deal with the Pelosi Whom-ever Admin. And no Hillary will not be visible. Note that I did not say she wouldn’t be participating, just that she wouldn’t be visible. ... See MoreSee Less

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I could see that happening

So true, wake up America 🇺🇸!


When we are left with but one option ...

The prime example is the recall election of California Gov Newsom. It is quite evident and plenty of evidence that there were fraudulent Newsom votes, and they got away with election fraud again. Unless this is stopped, we will never have a legal, lawful election by the people again. They will continue to illegally vote themselves into office and power.

The Democratic party was Hijacked

Welcome to communism

That's why biden didn't mandate the shot for postal workers,,he doesn't want to piss them off or they may expose mail in fraud and they won't rig the next election


Welcome to communism

No mail in ballots. All these illegals Biden & Harris let’s will get mail in ballots.

Y they luv the virus .change the laws however they want..noone stop them..wake up ppl

It's time to take the Democratic party out of the picture... America has no room for people that don't respect Americans. It's time to dig that big hole And put them Democrats where they belong..

I agree

Our enemies never dreamed the demise and destruction of America could be so easy.

Fight fire with fire, we need too send in fake ballots as well, match them vote for vote with fake ballots, obviously we are way ahead in the actual legal votes or they wouldn’t be cheating, once the voting process becomes a total disaster they’ll have to institute strict laws on voting, they can’t investigate because it’ll expose them as well, we need to stop playing by the rules and wreck these socialist!!!

You are absolutely correct just look at the California recall. The reason they continue to cheat is because they win and if they get caught they lie and the media helps them to get away with it. We have undeniable proof they stole the election for Biden and the republicans don't do nothing but campaign on it. As long as they never get punished for their wrongdoing they will never change. To be honest I think the crooks have the upper hand now and I don't see any change in the future. The spineless republicans didn't stand up for the people and I'm thinking we are heading down the path of no return

Agree 100% . Too little action to stop the inevitable . Dam shame

Sad but true

But what if there's a Divine intervention of some sort? Evil can't prevail.

If one has to show I.D. for a fishing license, for instance, one certainly should be required to show one to vote!

We need to go back to one day voting on paper ballots. Also add in voter ID.

Agreed. Evidence the recall in California.

Like they just did in California. Again.

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1 week ago

Woo the People
“” I white democrat, liberal know what is best for you”

“” I white democrat, liberal know what is best for you” ... See MoreSee Less

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If you notice most of BLM IS WHITE!!🤣🤣

Don't forget it's not all whites just the rich elites.


100% spot on!

Or the put on a monkey mask and throw eggs at you because you don’t listen to them.

This is not funny!! Fanning the flames is not helpful!!😢

Ain’t it the truth!!

They don’t even know which bathroom to use!🤮

This is every Democrat liberal Hollywood antifa BLM lgbtq media all scum 🤓

OMG!!! Ain't that the truth!!!

That is the ultimate expression of racism and 'white privilege', believing that 'people of color' need a benevolent white person to speak on their behalf.

This says it all!

1 week ago

Woo the People
“Liars in Chief”

“Liars in Chief” ... See MoreSee Less

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A Democrat that doesn't lie is mute.

I think something dumbed down the democrat party a while back. Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.

It was a great success for the Taliban

Blah, blah, blah!!!!

Liars and thief

1 week ago

Woo the People
“America the leaderless”

“America the leaderless” ... See MoreSee Less

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Stupid, stupid people.


The Democrats hypocrisy continues to thwart logic and ethical behavior. Thousands of refugees who have not been vetted or even determined to be supporters of the United States are being placed in the United States and potentially granted a road to citizenship.Question to the American people. Are we more concerned with Afghanistan’s refugees’ population leaving Kabul, than our own citizens? Joe Biden is proclaiming the success of its airlift from Afghanistan. Over 100,000 have been safely removed from the danger zone. The break down is approximately 5000 American citizens. And 95,000’Afghans. Of course vetting these individuals is unnecessary. After all these are Heroic people. That over 100 of these refugees are on the Terrorist watch list and the no fly list isn’t a problem. Biden’s administration seems to think we should welcome virtually every refugee from Afghanistan that’s the least bit interested in entering the USA. The free housing medical care and financial benefits have nothing to do with it. This is apparently a Bi-Partisan effort. So just like the southern border is open for future Democrat voters. The Biden administration is telling us how these exceptional individuals are coming to America. Apparently we are now responsible for every Afghan and their extended families units that ever got our troops a cup of coffee. Funny thing is these same Afghans and their co- religionists are currently causing massive criminal activities in the EU. Apparently when you import a 7 century culture into a 21 century western culture it’s not surprising. Of course immediately it’s xenophobia or racist. The media sycophants on CNN and MSNBC are ranting that “Conservative Americans hate brown people. “ Since the majority of Afghans is genetically White. This somewhat disingenuous or demonstrates the agenda of the left. They are preaching that we are racist!! Yet they are happy to accept individuals who may have no desire to assimilate into our culture. Apparently we need to assimilate to theirs. Nations that opened their gates to Muslim refugees have lived to regret it. Even the most tolerant society’s (Sweden Germany) are watching as their countries are terrorized by large groups of men (Wilding). And when they settle these individuals into predominantly Republican districts it will be purely coincidental. Attached are a few articles that explain the problem. The latest reports are that these refugees are not fir the most part former employees or even affiliated with individuals who assisted us in Afghanistan. And they are being placed in Republican swing districts as predicted. Remember power is the only thing the Democrats want. Expecting any ethical behavior from these individuals is a sign of insanity. By Fred Speech. ———————————————————————————————-———-

Some of the men brought their "daughters". But the reality of it is it's their child bride

Well it looks like we're going to find out don't it

What Next! From the outright theft of the 2020 Presidential Election! The hits keep on coming! Stock up on supplies and medications! This winter is a crap shoot. Trust your gut and stand up for America 🇺🇸

1 week ago

Woo the People
“Custom made”

“Custom made” ... See MoreSee Less

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President Asshole!



Biden is a Despicable and incompetent person!

Dementia Joe!

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