America, a nation with the most freedoms

How can a country with an overwhelming white population who fought to abolish slavery be called a white supremacist country or be systemically racist ?

It’s only the most virtuous countries with most freedoms that are wrongfully labeled as such.

The other reason worth pointing out is that more people have come to this country willingly than any other country in history !

Point that out to the democrats & the anti American, Americans !

Hunter Biden’s bribery

Out of all the treasonous acts of Hunter Biden, involving Joe Biden selling influence & being bribed to the tune of millions of dollars, the bought & paid for special counsel Weiss charged Hunter with possession of illegal firearms.

This is the only charge that does not involve Joe Biden.

The DOJ was finally forced to come up with some charge & they came up with the least damaging to the Bidens !

The corruption coupled with total manipulation of the truth & justice & the facts is a specialty of Merrick Garkand & his team

On this day. 9/11

On this solemn day, we remember the lives lost, the heroes who rose, and the unity that followed. Let’s honor the memory of those affected by 9/11 by spreading kindness and love. Together, we stand strong.

Remember ISIS?

“Remember when they said that ISIS was an idea, they were the JV, even though they were beheading Americans and slaughtered thousands?…Trump came along and he beheads the beheaders. We have TRUMP and the MILITARY to thank for not having to think about ISIS anymore, which then allows us the freedom to think about jailing. Success brings the downfall of this Country, never forget that!” Greg Gutfeld

A Call for Vigilance

In this tumultuous political climate, it’s crucial for citizens to remain vigilant. Democracy thrives when the rule of law is upheld, and everyone is held accountable for their actions. We must be unwavering in our commitment to the principles that have made our nation a beacon of freedom and democracy for centuries. In conclusion, the concerns about the state of the rule of law in America are not to be taken lightly. Our democracy is founded on principles that ensure fairness and justice for all. While challenges may arise, it is our duty as citizens to protect these values, holding our leaders and institutions accountable, and working together to maintain the strength and integrity of our great republic.

American Courage

America’s history, a testament to the indomitable spirit of courage. All of us collectively striving for a better life, we are a nation that has always dared to dream and to stand up for what’s right.


Age is a number & as you get older you get weaker & lose some of your youthful qualities.

However, it is all relative & the best example is the energy & cognitive ability of Donald Trump versus the total lack of energy & cognitive failure of Joe Biden !