Democrats & the main stream media & its personalities rejoicing in the plight of an innocent ex president is pure evil.

Democrats & the main stream media & its personalities rejoicing in the plight of an innocent ex president is pure evil. They have brought frivolous lawsuits against Trump & have burdened him with insurmountable challenges legally & monetarily

No man in American history has been so wronged !

Their hatred is satanic & vile

They have weaponized the justice system

& other arms of the government to harass , demonize & dehumanize Donal Trump & to destroy him.

The main stream media industrial complex is there to push the destruction of Trump forward as agents of the democrats & the government . They lie & cheat & practice pure propaganda & misinformation in the name of “ news “

Letitia James is full of glee without any shame for having a corrupt activist judge

burden the ex president with a bail that is almost impossible to obtain.

The bail is for a case where no one was damaged by Trump or his companies!

It’s almost unbelievable that this case has been upheld .

To add insult to injury, the bail amount is totally unreasonable & the time period to secure the bond is unjustly too short.

Now they, the democrats & the MSM, laugh & make fun of Trump”s plight .

Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar & many others mock the ex president in this dire situation, but then most sane minds know

they are pure nuts & irrelevant but for some extreme leftists

The other day another Journalist stated that Baron Trump is fair game because he has turned 18.

The case by Fani Willis exposed her corruption & her insane behavior in court

Letitia James is a hero for democrats & the MSM even though she ran for her position

& won by saying she was “going after Trump”!

Biden, as Senator & then Vice President stole classified documents & had them scattered unsecured in more than 7 locations but he was deemed “unfit” to be prosecuted, yet he can be president !!

Trump as President is being prosecuted for having “ classified” documents inappropriately in a very secure property at Mar A Lago .

It’s sad that the uninformed & the ignorant fall for this misinformation & propaganda along side the extreme democrats & leftists in the country.

For those who remain silent in the face of this injustice, particularly the republicans in the House & the Senate, I say shame on you !

In about three years, one imposter president & his party & the news organizations have changed this republic to a banana republic !

The whole country is under physical invasion & mental disorder under our very own eyes just for political reasons & greed.

All the once revered institutions & values are under assault !

Having to post a $454 million bond is pure persecution & unjust.

But then again, any injustice directed at Trump is fair play by the deep state, because he was & is an outsider.

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