News Media: Personalities & Propaganda!

The news media personalities in CNN MSNBC & the Los Angeles Times & I’m sure in many other Democrat party propaganda media such as The Washington Post & The New York Times & more have had regular weekly meetings to

bash Trump in their news presentations !

The networks had zoom meetings to attack Trump in unison & almost verbatim , all rehearsed & calculated !

This is the MSM of today !

They are a disgrace to journalism & to this country. They have no respect for the truth

or for facts .

It is obvious that it is not the truth or real news because the truth doesn’t need to be rehearsed or planned & repeated in the exact same language over all these fake news channels.

Their agenda is now so obvious & predictable that it is boring to watch !

The same goes for these “ late night show”

hosts who are as partisan & predictable & boring & fake as the MSM !

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