The Democrats complain about everything in America .

The democrats complain about everything in America .

They are always angry & unhappy!

They are angry at the police but not the criminals.

They are angry at their own citizens but not at the millions of illegals they let in the country

They are angry at straight people but not any LBGTQ+ people

They are angry at qualified, experienced, knowledgeable people holding jobs but not those who are there because of DEI !

They are angry at white people & black people unless they vote for them

They are not angry at what they should be angry about, but angry about what they should not be angry about.

According to them, there is no border crisis, no inflation, no high crime , no foreign policy failure & everything is the fault of white supremacists , Donald Trump & MAGA followers.

They live in a distorted world, not the party they used to be

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