Today the entire American justice system went to hell

Today the entire American justice system went to hell, including the jury system. A dark day for the American Republic where the government was weaponized & a sham trial ended in an unjust verdict against a former President.

Alvin Bragg allows violent crimes in New York to go unpunished & the judge, Merchan, is a disgrace to Justice, totally corrupt.

The jury was part of the problem, being both politically motivated & most probably intimidated & scared to come out with a non guilty verdict!

The quote “ no one is above the law” is just a meaningless way to persecute Donald Trump & his followers & time & time again democrats have shown that the system has allowed them to be above the law in every crime they have committed. The murderers & rioters & anarchists of 2020 & Antifa & BLM & Hillary Clinton& Joe Biden & many other democrats are above the law.

It’s time to rise because if not the country is doomed & the America we knew will no longer exist. !

Biden is a traitor & corrupt to the core & is senile, yet he may get away with it all because of the even more corrupt news media & judicial system !

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