Extremely Perplexing since 2016

One thing has been extremely perplexing

for me since 2016.

Why has the machinery of government & the media industrial complex been so partisan & pro Democrats & pro Biden & anti Trump

It’s so obvious that the major government agencies had a hand in the 2020 elections !

I’m talking of the DOJ, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, all other intelligence agencies & Homeland Security. This is in addition to most Democrat politicians, the Democrat activists & spinsters & machinery & the MSM.

After all, it is obvious that Trump is a patriot, doesn’t need the job, is a successful citizen & had a great 4 years as President.

The world was in peace, the economy was thriving, inflation hardly existed & crime was in check. The border had order & the U.S. was respected by friends & foes.

Not so with Joe, & they know it !

They know he has dementia & they know he is incompetent & incapable of running the country!

Yet, the government agencies protect him

& help him to stay in power with the help of the MSM & the democrats.

The best explanation I can come up with is that the government has far too many die hard, leftists & democrats, who have lost their duty to be neutral & act with their ideological bias.

The other explanation is that the democrats cheated in the elections with the help of domestic & foreign enemies & the government has been penetrated by agents of U.S. enemies.

There exists no doubt that Biden is not in control & someone else is controlling him!

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