The Denial Continues !

The denial continues !

Biden says he can “ beat Trump” ! The clown never sees reality or the truth.

He is heading to do an interview with the fake disinformation “ journalis“ George Stephanopoulos of ABC.

How they expect these manipulated, orchestrated, fake & phony acts will fool the nation, after almost 4 years of observing complete failure, dementia & cognitive loss & incompetence is just shocking.

It’s as though if he sounds normal in this interview, what we all have seen & heard all this time can be erased & everything is normal.

It’s as though our eyes & ears have deceived us & our brain has tricked us.

They keep on with their insistence that it was a bad night or 90 minutes, dismissing 4 years of disaster & ineptness !

Their desire to continue with this conspiracy & narrative, that Joe’s condition is not alarming is absurd.

It’s also more than absurd to bring Kamala Harris, another unqualified, inexperienced, incompetent failure to replace him . Just for the record, she is Jamaican & Indian & not black !

The democrats are the party of

disinformation, deceit demagoguery & treason !

Serving American is the least important thing on their minds !

Serving the “party” & thus saving their power is the only thing that concerns them .

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