Schumer ! Shame on you !

Israel is a democracy & perhaps the only one in the Middle East !

If you believe in elections, have Hamas & the PLO hold legal elections.

Israel holds elections & Netanyahu has a coalition government. What can be more democratic than that ?

As a Jew, what you said is even more disturbing & insensitive because all Jews & non Jews know that Israel is fighting for its very existence. The entire civilized world knows so !

Who are you to say that Israel needs a new government ?

You’re irrelevant & plain stupid to know better. But then you do know better but want Biden & your party to remain in power

Just because of the extremists in your party !

Purim is a few days away. Are you Haman or Mordecai of the era of queer Esther ? Read the book of Esther !

Netanyahu has dedicated his life for Israel & peace & his family lost a son & a brother in Entebbe, Uganda

Shame on you !

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