The E. Jean Carroll lawsuit is a hoax of an American success story.

The E. Jean Carroll lawsuit is another hoax of an American success story. Both cases, presided over by Judge Lewis Kaplan, relate to Carroll’s accusation from mid-2019 (while Trump was in office) that he sexually assaulted her in early 1996. For 23 years nothing ! Trump denied the allegations, prompting Carroll to sue him for defamation in November 2019.

1996 is 23 years before 2019 & 28 years before 2024 & that is coming after an ex President who the MSM hates & the democrat machinery controls with corrupt judges & poor she, gets a handsome $83.3 million judgement !

This is the justice system in the United States of America now.

Why is E. Jean Carroll always smiling after this “ harassment” or “Assault” ?

She doesn’t even remember the date of the incident !

She acts like she is a hero.

They can’t beat Trump In the polls so they bring shameless phony victims right about election time to destroy Trump with illegal, “ legal “ charges & indictments & monetary destruction. What a disgrace of the judicial system !

Comes out of the now typical democrat playbook & always against Republicans & conservatives like Kavanaugh & Trump.

In 1987 Robert Bork was a victim of such mistreatment by non other than Joe Biden !

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